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D5 Player of the Day:  The Legends Ed Humphries 2 out 2 run homer in T7 tied the game at 19 as The Legends (11-3) as The Legends defeated The Buckeyes (8-5) 21-20. For the day Ed was 3-3 w, 1B, 2 HR, 4R and D5 season hi 8 RBI. 

Dick Steves (5 RBI) in the winning run for The Legends.

Other Notables: Saints James Olson 4-4 HR, 6 RBI, and Larry Haskel 3-3 HR 5 RBI in Saints (7-6) 20=16 win over Jayhawks (11-3).  The Jayhawks Fred Schiff hit for the cycle W 5RBI, and Tony Schiavone had 2 HR and 4 RBI.


D5 Player of the Day: Huskies, Larry Marlow 3-4, 2B, 4 RBI including GW in T6 in Huskies (8-5) 14-12 win over Blue Demons (4-9).

Other Notables: Yellow Jackets, John Campbell and John Krepop each drove in 5 Runs in YJ (5-8) 18-16 win over Lions (6-7). Jayhawks Fred Schiff 4 RBI in JH (11-2) 15-11 win over Hurricanes (3-10). Jets Rick Gish and Steve Brincko each had  4  RBI in Jets (8-5) 23-20 win over Bulldogs(6-6).


D5 All Star Game: Silver 22, Gold 13. 

MVP; Banana Slugs Mile Turano 4-4, 3B, 2B 3R 4RBI. 

Other Notables: Buckeyes Ron Tasler 3-3, 3RBI. Huskies, Ray Dieffenbach, 3-4 3RBI. Buckeyes Jim Fiorella, 3-4, 2B, 3B. Blue Demons, Ed Fink 4-4. 

Gold Notables: Saints, RJ  mAalara 3-3 4RBI, Saints, Jay Coons 3-4 3R and Lions Jerry Hudson 4-4 3 R.

HR Derby winner Ed Fink hit the only HR ( 14 players).


Player of the Day: Sun Devils pitcher Gary Simon 3-3, IBB, drove in 5 runs (3 R HR, and 2R 2B) in the Sun Devils (3-9) 12-8 win over the Blue Demons (4-8).

Other Notables: Legends Frank Clark 5-5 (3B, 2B) 4 RBI including. the Game Winner in Legends (8-4) 23-22 win over Hurricane (3-9). Seawolves Gary Bennett hit his league leading 11tth HR in game vs Buckeyes. Gary is now tied with Lions Jerry Hudson and Bulldogs Steve Beattie for most RBI with 33.  Dennis Semrau (4-5) drove winning run B8 as the Bruins (5-7) W/2 out in B7 to tie Jets. (7-5) at 21 and 2 runs with 2 outs B8 to win 23-22.


Player of the Day: Yellow Jackets manager Mike Welch 3R double in T6 proved to be the game winner as the YJ (4-7) who trailed 10-6 after 4 innings defeated the Jets (7-4) 12-11. on the day Mike was 2-3, 2B, and 5 RBI.

Other Notables: The Seawolves Gary Bennett had his second 3HR game of the season vs Saints. Gary's 10 HR lead the division. Jay Coons had drove in 5 R., in the Saints (6-4) 19-14 win over Seawolves (1-10). Doug Malcom's 2 out RBI 1B, in B6 was GW in Bruins (4-7) 14-13 win over Buckeyes (7-4). Tom Brechtel drove in the winning run  in  T7 in the Lions (5-6) 13-11 win over Bue Demons.


Player of the Day: Saints pitcher Harlan Voght held the Bruins (3-7)to one run on 0n 10 hits, with one walk in the Saints (5-4) 10-1 win. Harlan was also 1-3 W/RBI.                                                                                                                                 

Other Notables: Blue Demons, Mike Klein had 6 RBI, 4-4 , 2 2B, and 2 HR in in Blue Demon (4-6)19-11 win over Bulldogs (5-4).  The Blue Demons hIt 5 HR in the game in addition to Mike, Denny Byrne (2) and Ed Fink also homered. The Buckeyes (7-3)  also hit 5 HR in there loss to the Jets(7-3). Randy Reed (2), Jim Mahoney, Jim Fiorella, and Dan Peterson homered for Buckeyes.


Player of te Day: Bruins Kirk Urey, 3 Run triple in B 5  proved to be the game winner, as the  Bruins (3-6) deteated 

the Hurricanes (2-7) 15-13. On the day Kirk was 2-2, BB, 3B, 3 R, and 4 RBI.

Other Notables; Blue Demons, Denny Byrne had 5 RBI in Demons win over YJ. Huskies, Blair Staley had 6 RBI in Huskies 22-17 win over Seawolves. Ken Kardashian had  5 

RBI for Seawolves. Doug Buck drove in te Winning Run W/2 out in B7 in Jayhawks 20-19 come from behind win over Bulldogs.


Player of the day, Bulldogs manager Sly Cambell. 5 for 5, 3 RBI. Bulldogs 23 /21 win over the Ledgends. Mike Sands had 4 RBI for the Bulldogs.

Notables: Banana Slugs, Dave McGowan (4 for 4 , 2 doubles, 3 runs and 3 RBI). He drove the winning run for the Slugs come from behind 17-16 winover the Blue Demons.

Buckeye Mike Marco had a first inning grand slam and drove in 5 runs as the Buckeyes win over the Hurricanes.


D5 Player of the Dy:  Steve Arenella of the Wolverines 2 out, 2 run double in B7 was the game winner as the Wolverines (5-2) defeated the Bulldogs (4-2). The Wolverines trailed 18-8 entering B6.  Scored 10 R in B6 to tie at 18. For the day Steve was 3-4 W2b, R, and 2 RBI.

Other Notables: Mike Hammel drove in winning R in B7 in the Saints 16-15 win over Hurricanes.  Gerry Phillips 3 R HR in B7 in Jets 12-11 win over the Blue Demons. Sante Tulli 5 RBI including the GW in B8 in Legends 17-16 win over YJ .Garry Bennet had a D5 season high  7RBi and 3 HR in the Seawolves 17-24 loss to the Lions.


D5 Player of the Day:  The Banana Slugs Dave McGowan,  with 6 RBI, in the Banana Slugs ( 4-2) 21-16 win over the Legends(4-2). For the day Dave was 4-4 W/ 2B and 2R.

In the game of the Day; The Jayhawks: Fred Schiff and Phil Gorman each had 5 RBI in the Jayhawks (5-1) 21-15 win over the Blue Demons(2-4).

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